Data Analysis

You have a lot of data, but no idea how to effectively use it? We can help you to unlock it and make it work for your company. From our experience working with many clients we have developed a structured process that

Discovery & Assessment

We start by finding and assessing all data sources that are available to you and determining how you can use them to optimize your business processes and better fulfill your business goals. Then, we use simulation- and metric-based approaches and domain knowledge about your domain to estimate the business impact of possible data-driven solutions and prioritize them accordingly.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Having found and prioritized an attractive data-driven solutions, we continue by developing a Proof of Concept (PoC) solution for you that clearly demonstrates the business value with real-world data. This makes sure that we only invest in building solutions that will have a proven impact on your bottom line.

Development & Deployment

After conducting a successfull PoC, we develop a production-ready solution for you and integrate it into your business processes. We deploy our solution either on your own IT infrastructure or run it as a managed solution on our own IT. In either case, we ensure that it runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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Software Development

We strongly believe that delivering value from data analysis does not only require top analytical skills but also world-class software solutions. That's why we have a strong team of software developers and designers that can build data-driven products for you.


We believe that a good data model is the most important thing to get right when developing data-driven software. Finding the right data model for your problem is thus more important than using the right framework or programming language to implement it.


Technologies and devices change rapidly. Ten years ago, most applications and web solutions were viewed on desktop computers. Today, smartphones account for more than 50 percent of page visits in many cases. Our API-driven approach ensures that it will be easy to adapt to new technological developments and use our applications in a wide range of contexts.


We believe that deployment, monitoring and maintenance of your software solutions should be painless and automated. Cloud technologies and modern tools like Ansible or Saltstack allow us to deliver applications that require only a minimal of effort to maintain, saving you valuable time and resources.

Scalable & cloud-enabled

We build everything with growth in mind to deliver solutions that can efficiently handle data over many orders of magnitude. We use container technologies like Docker to deliver you solutions that are as easy and effortless to deploy on a single computer as on a cloud-based environment.

Languages & Technologies

Python is our tool of choice when analyzing data and developing applications. In addition, we provide expertise in C++, R, Java & Javascript. We also have long-standing experience working with a wide range of relational, document-oriented and graph-oriented database systems such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS-SQL, Exasol, Neo4j, OrientDB and Cassandra.

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